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The Movement was founded in Chicago by mother-son duo Natalie & Dorian D.A. Adams at age 11.

The idea was originally launched over 10 years ago. They wanted to create a safe space for Dorian and his peers to share their talents amongst one another and their communities. It has been a major success!

The overall goal is to deter the community youth's attention from the negative thoughts and violence that seems to be happening all over the world. They never let that stop them and This is Life continues to encourage the youth to remain positive by staying focused on mastering their crafts and sharing them with the world.

Since it's inception the event has attracted thousands of young people and has had over one hundred performance arts (thousands of performers) grace the stage.Our 2024 goal is to reach 10,000+ youth performers, youth entrepreneurs and youth performance art lovers across the city of Chicago through a variety of activities.


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