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  • What are the main objectives and targets of This Is Life?
    Since it's inception the event has attracted thousands of young people and has had nearly one hundred performance arts grace the stage. Our 2020 goal is to reach 10,000+ youth performers, youth entrepreneurs and youth performance art lovers across the city through a variety of activities.
  • How much are event tickets?
    Tickets are $10 in advance and $15 dollars at the door. No exceptions. Each ticket sale is a donation towards This is Life 501(c)(3). Your support is needed in order to continue this program.
  • How has "This Is Life's" growth and the active involvement of youth participants contributed to making each year more impactful and memorable?
    Every year we host a powerful event that allows young artists, dancers and entrepreneurs to share their gifts and talents with their peers and community members. This is our 6th year producing the event and it has grown bigger, better and more exciting every year. Our youth participants also produce and organize the event which makes it very special and rewarding for them.
  • Could you elaborate on how the collaboration with organizations contributed to enhancing the lives of the "This is Life" audience?
    We have some powerful companies that provide resources to attendees. We are extremely excited about this component of the event. These organizations nonprofit and for-profit all provide a service that helps enhance the lives of our This is Life audience.
  • How does the inclusion of youth, business owners, as well as corporations, contribute to the overall experience for both the participants and the audience, and what benefits do they gain from this opportunity?
    We have a variety of youth and adult business owners and corporations that be displaying their products and services for sale. We love to provide them with the opportunity of growing their business amongst our amazing audience. So get ready!
  • How is the parking situation?
    Parking is free. There is street parking. Please arrive early to ensure you have a parking spot close to the location.
  • What is the age limit?
    This is Life Youth Concert & Resource Expo is an all ages event.
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